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The best types of car leasing

Traveling means having to rent a car. A few years ago, the variety of options was much less than what we know today, and companies did not have as much versatility of models to choose from. For this reason, we remember the importance of knowing and knowing everything about the rental companies, their types of lease, and the copies that we can find on their platforms.
There is a great variety of car leasing service providers. Among these, we have:
The usual rent-a-car is the Car leasing that most turn to when going on vacation and need a vehicle to get around easily. In this case, two main rental models are usually given: either small cars to circulate through all the city streets or large and spacious cars adapted to families.
Rental for professionals: It consists of ordering a vehicle to carry out a transport job. For companies that need a special car, which moves with large goods, there are renting companies, which already agree with more than 50 companies.Theyare aimed mainly at transport and service companies, which allow you to borrow different models to work comfortably, giving the possibility of obtaining an economy car leasing.
Rental with or without a driver: When it comes to renting, they can also allow you to drive yourself or someone else from the company. We are used to piloting ourselves; however, rental companies offer the opportunity to choose a “driver” to drive the vehicle you have requested. Maybe you think that this option is only for exclusive and high-end cars, but, the service can offer Delux limousines, luxury sedans, sports cars, executive minivans, vans, cargo vans, among others.
1. Rent between individuals
It is one of the most successful, as it has great car leasing deals and a wide variety of models.
2. The Free-Car
It is a revolutionary service that allows you to have a new vehicle with insurance and maintenance included, for a fixed fee per month and, besides, with the possibility of subletting it when we are not using it.